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RobertsCamera.com and Robertsplace.co operate as two separate websites. Your user account is shared across sites and will work on either one, but you will have to log-in separately for each site. Each site also maintains a separate cart and checkout. We hope this creates a nice and easy experience for you when shopping with us. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-726-5544 for assistance.

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About UsedPhotoPro

UsedPhotoPro (or UPP as we like to call it) is the newest division of our Roberts Camera family. UPP was developed to give our customers even more options when it comes to buying, selling and trading camera gear.

In February of 2012, we took three of our awesome Roberts Camera staff members and one amazing camera “buyer” and put them in the upstairs room of Roberts...which is about a 600 square foot space!

Just one short year later, UPP is in a totally different building (and basically outgrowing that space too) and we have quadrupled our staff! It turns out, a lot of you photographers out there want to sell your old camera gear, and you are looking for fantastic used camera gear at very good prices...and we happen to have all of that!

Our UsedPhotoPro buyers go all over the world (literally) to find outstanding one-of-a-kind used camera equipment. They bring it back to our offices where every single piece of equipment from lens cap to camera is evaluated by expert camera technicians, cleaned, repaired (if needed) and tested, and then put back on the market so that you can find the gear you need at a great price. We have a lot of fun, we love cameras and we love photography. But most of all, we want to get you great products with even better service. We hope you will give us a shot to help you find what you are looking for!

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