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  1. solarcan Solarcan (Single)

    USD $19.99

    Born from a love of photography, art & astronomy Solarcan is a unique camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the Sun’s path across the sky.

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  2. dubble film Sunstroke 35mm - ISO 200 (24 Exposures)

    USD $14.99

    Out of stock

  3. dubble film Jelly 35mm - ISO 200 (24 Exposures)

    USD $14.99

    Out of stock

  4. dubble film Bubblegum 35mm - ISO 200 (24 Exposures)

    USD $14.99

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  5. FujiFilm Superia X-TRA 400 35mm - ISO 400 (36 Exposures) (3 Pack)

    SKU: FUJ-11030A
    USD $27.95

    An all-round general purpose, high-performance, high speed color negative film delivering truly fine-grain. Superb for snapshots or action, in low light with flash, outdoors or indoors. Ideal for general use with compact zoom lens cameras.

    Excellent skin tones

    For beautiful, clear people-shots.

    Fine grain

    Great results even when enlarged.


    Superb results, whatever the shooting conditions.

    Sensitivity and Film Sizes

    ISO : 400

    Film Sizes : 135

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  6. Kodak Ultra Max 400 35mm - ISO 400

    Sizes: 24 Exposures, 36 Exposures
    USD $6.99 - $8.99

    Kodak Gold 400 lets you take your pictures to the next level. Its proprietary technology delivers the world's most convenient 400-speed film, so you can capture more of your precious moments. Whether your subjects are still or moving fast, in sunlight or dim light, Gold 400 gives you great results. If you currently use 100 or 200-speed film, switching to this amazingly adaptable film will improve up to 25 percent of the pictures you take.

    Gold 400 offers improved performance in all key photographic features. It delivers a great combination of brilliant color saturation and accurate color reproduction to give you clear, crisp prints. Now the choice is simple.

    Maximum versatility

    Great pictures in sunlight or low light, in action or still; The world's most versatile 400-speed film choice

    ISO 400

    Great pictures in a wide range of lighting conditions; Better pictures in low light; Sharper pictures with moving subjects; Extended flash range for better flash pictures; Reduced effect of "camera shake"; Better depth of focus capabilities

    Improved color reproduction

    Bright, vibrant prints; Consistent color under most lighting conditions

    Optimized skin tones

    Pleasing, natural-looking "people pictures"

    Improved image structure

    Finer grain for clear, sharp pictures; Great for enlargements; Improved prints from underexposed negatives

    Improved illuminant insensitivity

    Less print coloration with images taken under fluorescent lights

    Scanning compatibility

    High-quality results from digital output systems; Great prints from digital zoom and crop images

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  7. Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 35mm - ISO 400 (36 Exposures)

    SKU: KOD-13086
    USD $9.97
    Professional photographers have long relied on KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X Film to express the human condition as they sees it. This classic black-and-white film allows for maximum pushability when needed, while its wide exposure latitude lets you leverage even the most challenging lighting situations. And the distinctive grain structure adds a level of realism as dramatic and profound as each subject.
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  8. Kodak Professional T-MAX 100 35mm - ISO 100 (24 Exposures)

    SKU: KOD-13034
    USD $10.99
    • World's finest-grained 100-speed B&W film
    • Extremely high sharpness
    • Very high resolving power
    • Optimal for enlargement

    Travis Lovell is passionate. About photography, about integrity, about fine details. That explains Lovell's passion for KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 100 Film. The world’s finest-grained 100-speed black-and-white film, T-MAX 100 lets you explore the extremes of image quality and enlargement with nearly invisible grain. And its high resolving power and incredible sharpness satisfy even the most detail-obsessed artist.

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  9. Kodak Ektar 100 35mm - ISO 100 (36 Exposures)

    SKU: KOD-11012
    USD $12.99

    Ultra-vivid color, Exceptional sharpness, Extraordinary enlargement capability

    Featuring ISO 100 speed, high saturation and ultra-vivid color, EKTAR 100 offers the finest, smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.

    Ideal for scanning, and offers extraordinary enlargement capability from a 35mm negative. A perfect choice for commercial photographers and advanced amateurs.

    Recommended applications:

    • Nature
    • Travel
    • Outdoor photography
    • Fashion
    • Product photography
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  10. FujiFilm Professional 400H 35mm - ISO 400 (36 Exposures)

    SKU: FUJ-11074
    USD $14.99

    Suited especially to wedding, portrait and fashion photography where accurate rendition of the subject is essential.

    Provides wide exposure latitude from under- to overexposures, superb skin tones with smoothly continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows, highly faithful color reproduction, an exciting three-dimensional appearance to the image and single-channel suitability for uniform printing efficiency.

    High ISO speed of 400

    Higher effective film speed and finer grain.

    Wide exposure latitude

    Faithful reproduction of neutral grays over a wide exposure range from underexposure to overexposure.

    Superb skin tone reproduction

    Superb skin-tone and hue reproduction with continuously smooth gradation from the highlights to the shadows without any washout.

    Excellent three- dimensional appearance

    Clearer colors in the highlights and appropriately controlled color saturation in the shadows to allow rendering of subjects with a feeling of three-dimensional realism.

    Faithful color reproduction

    Faithful color reproduction of scenes under a wide variety of lighting.

    Addition of single-channel suitability

    Negative density level unified with other PRO series films for maximum printing uniformity and efficiency.

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  11. Kentmere 400 35mm - ISO 400 (36 Exposures)

    SKU: ILF-6010476
    USD $5.99
    • High speed ISO 400
    • Fine grain and good sharpness
    • Broad tonal range with good contrast
    • 35mm cassettes and bulk lengths

    Kentmere 400 is a high speed, fine grain, black & white film making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

    It offers good sharpness and a broad tonal range along with a wide exposure latitude making it a smart choice for beginners and those returning to film.

    The Kentmere range is owned and manufactured by Harman technology and follows the same high quality processes that are used to make all ILFORD PHOTO films and papers.

    Kentmere 400 is panchromatically sensitised and can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.

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  12. ILFORD XP2 SUPER 35MM - ISO 400

    Sizes: 24 Exposures, 36 Exposures
    USD $6.28 - $8.37
    • High speed ISO 400
    • B&W film using colour C41 processing
    • Wide exposure latitude and well defined highlights

    ILFORD XP2 SUPER is a fast, sharp, black & white film with fine grain and a wide tonal range. It is extremely versatile to use making it an excellent all-rounder to have in your camera.

    It has a particularly wide exposure latitude and delivers excellent results, including well-defined highlights and shadows, even in unpredictable lighting or high-contrast scenes where there can be wide-ranging subject brightness.

    XP2 SUPER also provides enhanced negative contrast for optimum black & white print quality. This makes it an excellent choice for scanning as well as enlargement prints.

    However, the key differentiator of this film is that while it is a true black and white film, it can be processed in C41 type processing chemicals alongside colour negative films. This makes it the best choice for photographers who want to shoot film yet want the convenience of being able to get it processed on the high street.

    XP2 SUPER is also special in that you can shoot at different speeds from ISO 50 to 800 on the same roll of film and process as standard C41.

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